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Beat The 4th Market Odds

There is a new Stock Market Game format that goes by the name of The4thMarket.com, it's a virtual market using real stock quotes from the FTSE 100 supplied by Reuters. The design of the system is very interesting in the fact that it places 10 well-known names against each other in a very simplistic version of a real market. The 10 listed companies don't seem to change, which makes beating the odds possible.

How the Game Works

"If you can accurately predict the order in which 10 stocks will perform against each other over a single day of trading, you win 100,000" Sounds too simple doesn't it?

The daily jackpot of 100,000 and weekly of 1,000,000 are insured, so even if the prize pool is low, we are still guaranteed a big payout if we hit that magic ten.
The4thMarket Screen Grab

Lets look at that again in pure random terms

10 Factorial = 3628800, well, not looking so easy now is it! 3.6 million to 1 using the sites random button. To be honest it is much better odds than a lottery but lets' not do that, these are results that can be predicted.
4th Market Top TipTip #1 Never use the randomise button.
Big names are easy to deal with because there are lots of news items available to help us make our predictions, Google and Yahoo to the rescue for our research into each of these companies.The site has ten stocks, currently these stocks are:

* BP
* BT Group
* HSBC Holdings
* J Sainsbury
* Marks & Spencer
* Rolls-Royce Group
* Sage Group
* Tesco
* Whitbread
* Vodafone Group
4th Market Top TipTip #2 Use the following grid system.
The four sections of the grid are:

First, lets break the ten stocks down into a grid of four

Now we need to decide which of the shares go into the sections of the grid, obviously, this is changeable, and you'll need to keep on your toes to make the best decisions.

"Use the fame indicators"
To start, we'll check out the news items on a web search for recent news headlines for each of list listed stocks to see if there is any significant events that could spark a buying or selling spree. For instance, news news about Tescos' taking a significant interest in US politics may be enough to spark a foreign (USA) buying spree in Tescos' stocks via local investors, it could perform quite well in The4thMarket.

However, news of Rolls-Royce announcing a waterjet services agreement with Abu Dhabi Ship Building could place it highly also, what do we do?
4th Market Top TipTip #3 Research via a search engine not a finance site and look for recent news
Maybe we should place both of those shares quite high in our grid system(top section). But it is not until we research all the news items for the ten stocks can we make a decision on what stock goes into which section of our grid. Assuming these were our most positive news items from web searches we would place these in the top of the grid.

Continuing our search analysis on the rest of the stocks we need to make human judgements for the respective grid sections. Once we have our four grid sections complete, we need to focus on reordering each section. So how do we go about that?
4th Market Top TipTip #4 Make multiple passes on your grid using the graph information.
We have basic news items, these allow us to populate our grid for the first pass, now we need to get into the nitty gritty, and this is actually very simple using charts provided on the The4thMarket.com website. Using the site we can click on each stock and this will present you with a pop-up window that shows internal 4thMarket performance, ignore this and select the 5 day range from the last link (Graphs). Once here look at the 5 day (the '5d' link). Once there look and the difference between day 1 and the last day and plot a line in your mind from one to the other. The line will go up, down or even flat, reorder each of your grid sections based on these trends.
4th Market Top TipTip #5 Don't be tempted to change your initial positions - in this game it is not the price but percentage gain or loss
Your done, research the news, refine your sections, continue the process and odds are you're either a fixed or pool prize winner and that pays for your next entry until you're a jackpot winner! Give the system a chance don't expect it to be right from day one or even day 30, this is a long-term strategy and you need to learn about the companies listed. Now go here

and clean em out!
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