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This site was last updated 08/08/2007 20:08 GMT , we have checked 393958 names and found 100255, most of these were found using a dictionary as the source for names .  Deleted and Expired names are here!

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loop-line.netExpired Domain Buy now. 39 01/08 00:46 0
leomartin.netExpired Domain Buy now. 3 24/06 23:15 0
lachainas.netExpired Domain Buy now. 2 23/05 02:54 0
leetplans.netExpired Domain Buy now. 2 09/04 01:10 0
laprevote.netExpired Domain Buy now. 1 22/07 21:22 0
lodzianin.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 20/05 08:52 0
loeschkes.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 15/04 12:17 0
latinosin.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 02/05 02:16 0
lodzianka.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 20/05 08:54 0
lohntsich.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 07/08 18:28 0
laespiral.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 09/04 01:29 0
lubecoozy.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 10/05 21:49 0
logicwide.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 13/07 00:41 0
lovevenus.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 04/08 03:58 0
lacascata.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 05/05 20:23 0
lovemuzic.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 27/04 09:12 0
luckymoon.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 11/04 10:37 0
lestrains.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 06/08 15:06 0
losequick.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 02/05 13:24 0
leadexcel.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 01/08 19:54 0
lomaplata.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 17/04 18:52 0
letaspace.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 10/07 05:32 0
leptitnid.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 30/07 00:33 0
luckyback.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 30/05 22:35 0
ltzonline.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 22/05 09:38 0
lawndudes.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 18/07 12:43 0
letswatch.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 28/07 23:17 0
lovebingo.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 22/07 10:53 0
lstafford.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 27/07 14:34 0
laocoffee.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 14/05 05:23 0
littlepat.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 11/07 04:26 0
lossancho.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 12/05 15:56 0
lanwellon.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 18/05 19:32 0
landmatic.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 24/04 01:09 0 Buy now. 0 14/04 00:57 0
light-pen.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 29/06 19:05 0 Buy now. 0 14/04 00:59 0
lites-out.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 18/07 01:20 0 Buy now. 0 14/04 01:02 0
logedging.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 06/08 16:43 0 Buy now. 0 14/04 01:04 0
liveindra.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 04/05 05:25 0
lepingoin.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 26/07 12:44 0
lillysart.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 22/06 10:35 0
lovmehero.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 11/07 08:00 0
lesangles.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 24/06 00:14 0
lohozivau.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 10/05 07:47 0
linkinfor.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 09/04 14:17 0 Buy now. 0 19/04 05:54 1 Buy now. 0 19/04 05:55 0
labunista.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 07/05 19:19 0
lewdgirls.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 05/05 19:16 0 Buy now. 0 19/04 06:00 0
landright.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 22/04 15:08 0
lokalwill.netExpired Domain Buy now. 0 08/04 13:30 0
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Domain News

.SE launches domain names in Swedish minority languages
- Opens for domains in Finnish, Meänkieli, Sami, Romani and Yiddish July 4 .SE (the Internet Infrastructure Foundation), responsible for the Internet country code top-level domain .se, launches the possibility to register domain names in all the official minority languages, as stated by Swedish law. In addition to the minority languages ... more..
ARIN Confirms IP Address Distribution Practices; Policies Do Not Encourage Profit-driven Speculation
The American Registry for Internet Numbers Board of Trustees released a statement on 1 August that assures ARIN will continue to facilitate the policy development process that defines how IP addresses are distributed in its region, and also reaffirms that ARIN's policies do not encourage profit-driven speculation in IP ... more..
Allen & Overy represent EURid in all .eu conflicts
Allen & Overy Belgium advised EURid to manage the registration of ".eu" domain names. After having assisted EURid in the drafting of the regulatory framework (registrar agreements, .eu terms and conditions, Sunrise Rules etc), we are representing EURid in all conflicts resulting from the successful launch of the .eu TLD.Share ... more..
Cybersquatters hit down under
Down here in paradise (aka Australia) there’s an election looming and the web is becoming an important part of political campaigning, although not to the same extent as in the USA. So yesterday the Australian Labor Party launched the website While they registered the .com and names, they ... more..
Google AdSense For Domains Opt Out Option coming To AdWords Advertisers
Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land writes:  I quoted AdWordsAdvisors2 from a WebmasterWorld thread as saying: "We are working on making it simpler for advertisers who don’t want to show on domain sites or error pages to exclude them. The AdSense for Domains, also known as DomainPark, is a product of much ... more..
He sells employer’s domain name, takes off with stripper
A great little story from the USA. A 41-year-old man, Stephen Galstad, was charged “with selling his employer’s domain name for US$200,000 and using corporate credit cards to finance international trips with a stripper girlfriend, according to a complaint filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.”Share This by email or social ... more..
ICANN Takes a Lick at Domain Tasting by Larry Seltzer
Larry Seltzer writing his regular column in eWeek says, “Most people who hear about domain tasting are immediately horrified and ask why ‘they’ don't stop it. But ICANN has more studying to do, and others find it in their own interest.”Share This by email or social web more..
ICANN launches Monthly Magazine with Inside Scoop
MARINA DEL REY, California.: ICANN today launched a new magazine that will provide all the latest news and developments within the organization to online subscribers. Produced monthly, each issue will review recent developments in policy topics, provide details of recent Board meetings, the latest news from around the world, and other ... more..
Nearly 60% of domain names attacked by hackers
Almost 60% of websites have been hacked according to surveys by the Government Commission for Code according to a report in VietNamNet. The report says “attacks take place in many forms but the most popular form is attacking the archive system of Internet Service Providers (ISP) to delete information ... more..
Nominet’s Second Governance Consultation
As described in their first consultation paper, Nominet is updating their Articles of Association, the document that describes how they interact with their members and how they are governed. Share This by email or social web more..
Proposed amendments to .za DNA memo & articles
.za DNA has recently completed discussions with the Department of Communications about amendments proposed to its current memo and articles of association. The amendments are intended amongst other things to more clearly define .za DNA powers and align them to the provisions of the Chapter X of the ECT Act. ... more..
Sedo Live Domain Name Auction at DomainFocus Conference in London
LONDON AND CAMBRIDGE, Massachusets, - Sedo, the leading online marketplace for the buying and selling of domain names, will facilitate the world’s first live auction for domain names.  The event will take place at the Domain Focus conference in London on September 6-7, 2007. With live auctions becoming an increasingly popular ... more..
Want a new job? CIRA Launches Search for New CEO
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) announced on 2 August that founding CEO Bernard Turcotte will leave CIRA later this year and that CIRA is launching a nation-wide search for the best candidate to succeed him. Share This by email or social web more..
auDA reviews .au Dispute Resolution Policy
The purpose of the .au Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP) is to provide a cheaper, speedier alternative to litigation for the resolution of disputes between the registrant of a .au domain name and a party with competing rights in the domain name.Share This by email or social web more.. for sale! Got a spare US$50mill?
The domain name is for sale. The current holders are selling it through FairWinds Partners, an internet consultancy, who put their best spin on it. The current holders are expecting a sale of “way over US$50 million” according to Joshua Bourne from FairWinds according to a Red Herring report.Share ... more..